Panda and I have had the May 15th release date for The School for Good and Evil #2: A World Without Princes by Soman Chainani on our calendar for months. We woke up on Tuesday and went straight to the bookstore to get a copy. 

Reading is an epic journey full of adventure and surprises. This series of re-enactment photos hopes to express that and also how we read until we drop. 

We loved the first book. So psyched to finally have our grubby paws on the sequel. 

"We are scientists. We do whatever we want." - Panda

"We are scientists. We do whatever we want." - Panda

A friend and I take the same meds and were talking last week about how they must’ve made a bad batch and sold us placebos, because we were both feeling the same as we felt before meds. She mentioned it to her doctor who directed her to this. I am going to call my doc today. 

I don’t trust the pharmaceutical industry, which is why I struggled without meds for the past 14 years. I have been back on them for less than a year. I want zero discussion here about alternatives to psych meds or anything like that. Being on them again isn’t a choice I made quickly or mindlessly. If you try to talk to me about the evils of meds I will block you because it is a sensitive and personal topic and I don’t want to hear it right now.

I just want to you to be aware that this is happening, without much fanfare. If you suspect you are experiencing any physical or emotional relapse call your doctor.

Lola and Panda

Lola and Panda

There is really no better Valentine’s Day surprise than to FINALLY, at age 41, get shouted out by Carole & Paula!!!

There is really no better Valentine’s Day surprise than to FINALLY, at age 41, get shouted out by Carole & Paula!!!

"I am a 49-year-old person with a disability who competes in Special Needs Cheerleading with World Cup SuperStars, the South Jersey Storm Twisters, and Hamilton Starz Team Glimmer. I have never been to Florida, or to Disney World. I am turning 50 years old in April and all I want for my birthday is to go to the big Cheerleading Competition in March down in Orlando, FL to cheer for my friends and celebrate my birthday with them afterwards! Help make my dream a REALITY!!! A big thank you in advance!"

My aunt Patrice is over her fundraising goal but I figure if we can help her raise some more money she can have a super extra special time!

My friend Jessica’s open letter to Woody Allen.

Oprah Pees for 10 Minutes.

You’re Welcome.

Addiction and Death and The Internet


I am not going to assume how Whitney died. Maybe it was drugs. Maybe it was illness. Maybe it was sadness. Maybe her heart failed her. Maybe it was a combination of things.

Regardless of HOW she died the fact is she died AND she was an addict. When addicts die the shit talk becomes thick and…

For Amy, Whitney, & now Philip. Love peace & understanding. For all who we’ve lost & all who still suffer. I get it.