This video is me singing to Alex in the couple days before he died.

This is the Alex from Walk Like Thunder.

Last night I made another new friend who is not held within the confines of gender, and who also has chosen the name Alex, and who is dying.

So I woke up thinking about the big loud public struggles and the big quiet private struggles. 

Thinking about terminal illness and a failing healthcare system and a failing political system. But also thinking about friends and togetherness and friendship and love and change. 

We are all dying. Some people are dying faster than others. 

When you love someone or befriend someone who has very little time left it forces you to re-evaluate how YOU are living. 

It is crucial that we create a way that works for the people and that we learn to be a peaceful society that takes care of it’s own. 

These are exciting times. And these are scary intense times. Whether you raise your sign and raise your voice or you sing softly into someone’s ear you are a part of this revolution. Be love. Be change.

Don’t just float along.

Occupy your life.

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